May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011
And so it begins............

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chapter 9

Hey guys just me again!

Christmas came and went with no problems at all. Had a great time with the family and the food....the food.....oh my god the food! noooooooOoOOOooOOooOo!

I have been kind of a slob as of late and think that maybe me breaking my scale under all my girth is a good indication to get started again. So starting tomorrow its back to work. Not sure just what i'm gonna do yet, but i'm thinking nothing high impact on account of me needing to play hockey this weekend.

I am also wanting to set up a follower goal system. what do you guys think is acceptable for someone like me to achieve? how far do you think that I can run, or the more important bet, how long till I get lazy again ;)

Either way this should keep me from being idle too long.

so here are the facts jacks (and Jill's)

weight 222lbs.

ill fill you guys in about my pain tomorrow evening sometime, and again if you have any tips tricks or little tidbits of useful information that you think could help me, comment below.

as always I love you all and to all a good night!

(I didn't really just say that did I?!)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chapter 8

So Thank you to everyone who has been with me in this undocumented ride since I left Red Deer and came back home.

I have met my goal of 215 pounds and could not be happier about that. I no longer have a valid reason to be doing this but it helps to be focused on something rather than nothing.

I would like to give a HUGE shout out to Riquel Michuad ( I am so sorry if I spelled this wrong!) she has shown me so much in the past few weeks, and she is also participating in her own 10km jaunt. SO everyone should go to her page and support her in that.

So what is next for poor old Michael Rowe.....bag of chips perhaps? A delicious swig of coke? hmm maybe some broccoli....yea broccoli sounds great. might as well stay on the veggies.

It is now time for tha hard part....yes ladies and gentlemen the 32 pounds was the easy part, now I have to take that 215 pounds and convert the fat to muscle!

So stay tuned as I laugh....cry......and probably cry some more!

Honoroble mentions go out to, of couse Riquel Michaud, Dan slatterly, Chris Stipdonk, Alex Cambell, and Amy Chin.

Keep  calling me tubby. its the motivation I need :P

as allways I value any insight that you can give me and will take all suggestions under consideration. love you all


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chapter 7


so not much has happened in the past oh lets say month or so. hurt my leg for a bit, but found that cycling is offering  me a less impating way of working out.

I even tried running outside. But this being Red Deer it of course rained within 10 minutes of me stepping off my front porch.

I have also began to notice that my cardio is great. I cant remember the last time I was out of breath after doing a 10 mile bike ride. Its just my terrible legs that dont seem to want to work ever.

But im home in a week, and a lot of people have offered to help me workout and to run or bike with me, so a huge thank you to all those guys and gals.

so here's the facts jack

weight: 235lbs.

the funny thing about the weight thing is im bouncing all over the place lately. Some days I will weigh myself and ill be back up above 240, sometimes ill be below 235, so I think my body is at the point where it likes to screw with my mind. But hey, who cares right? As long as I can tie my skates without coming up for air 15 times I think im doing ok.

Thanks to everyone who has sent me messages asking about my blog. It means a lot that you have stayed so interested in my going's on's, and for those of you in Fort Simpson I will see you in a week.

thanks to:

Amber Erasmus
Dave Dave
Dan Slatterly
Wayne Schaub
Kai Wang
Alex Campbell

also as a side note: what kind of music do you listen to if any when you are running/walking/biking/working out.

Send me a msg in my comment box below or if you dont have an account post something on my wall.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 6

chapter 6

Well this whole thing is over, got a couple bags of chips and a flat of pop. Was fun guys.

Ok ok restart your hearts, im still running strong. Had a nice weekend off and went to Edmonton. Visited some people and now i'm back.
Its hella hard to go a long weekend of doing nothing and then jump back into it, but after 5 minutes I was feeling fine.
So fine that I did 6 miles today. that seems like a lot to a chubby wubby like myself so i'm gonna go ahead and pat myself on the back.
On the plus side my roommate seems to have caught my fever and is running right along side me. So i'm glad I can be responsible for another person running like the wind.

so here's the facts jack.

weight: 240lbs.

Thanks to Laurie Ozmun for bring kind words back from Africa, I appreciate that, and again thanks to everyone for the kind words and wishes.

I'll keep running if you keep posting.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Chapter 5.5

Hey guys wow its been a long time since we talked! Forgot one thing I wanted to add to here.

Keriann Loutit is doing something awesome that I wanted to share on here, just to spread the msg, im pretty sure any donations would be appreciated, and if you have any questions im sure she will gladly do her best to answer them over facebook. If you dont have her on facebook. send me a msg, and I will pass it along to her for you.

Hi all!

On June 4th I will be participating in Calgary's annual "Underwear Affair". This event is a run to raise awareness and funds for cancers below the waist. My goal is to raise at least $300 dollars for this event. Any donations you can make would greatly be appreciated. I have included the link to my personal pag below. There is a a green button "donate now" at the top left corner. Please share this link if you think of anyone else that I may have missed that would like to make a donation. Thank you!!

Welcome to my Underwear Affair Personal Page! As you can see, I’ve joined Alberta Cancer Foundation’s Underwear Affair® - a 10K run / 5K walk to uncover cures for cancers below the waist. It’s not only fun, but it fights prostate, colon, testicular, and ovarian cancer, among others. I’ll be just one
awesome cause and they need every penny you can spare. Well Done KA you rock!

Chapter 5

what a rush!

no kinks, no problem. trying some multi-vitamins, and get on that treadmill.

50 minutes later, no problem, 3 miles 400 calories, and a damn good feeling.

I cant notice anything physically different, but what a difference a week makes, I have so much energy, I feel like I could go forever. I suggest everyone in the entire world do this.

not sure what im gonna do with myself this long weekend. Might take a run around campus since the gym is closed. Might even head up to Edmonton to visit Angus Taylor for the weekend.

Its funny that I really didn't feel like going to the gym today, really just wanted a day to rest, but forced myself to go and am I ever glad. I would have stayed for hours if I thought my body could physically handle it.

It occurs to me now that this blog has been about me, and what I'm doing.

....but what are you guys doing. I'm not along here, I'm sure some of you are achieving your own goals and I would love to hear about them. If you have a story you want to share please send me an email or a facebook msg, or just comment here and ill post it.

I love hearing how other people are doing.

so here are the facts jacks:

Weight: 242.0lbs
waist : 38"

I really don't know why I am putting down waist it seems a bit silly so I may just leave that out until it changes. I think I have a pair of 36's at home somewhere.

Once again, I would like to thank Wayne Schaub, Chris Stipdonk. and from all the way down unda..... Moister Doave Doave.

Loving the support and the tips, and would love to hear you all. and don't be too alarmed but its almost picture time, so you may be looking at mah chunky belly for another week.(sadly the 6 pack isn't forming ;))

well that is all for me for this Friday, now time to sit in my dorm and contimplate very serious matters of import.

(do I watch Harry Potter.....or Teenage Mutant Ninjas Turtles?) GOOD GOD THIS IS TOUGH STUFF!

Love you all and keep it real, on the down low, on the high up, and wherever else you might place it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chapter 4 4, woke up sat up in my bed, went to stand up and,

The kinks are starting to meet up with me and I thought today was going to be the day that I had to take a break. BUMMER!

So I hobbled around during school stretching as much as I could, praying for the pain to go away.
But do I really want to take a day off? Maybe ill just do some upper body today. Take it light.
Got to the gym, looked at that treadmill and thought....what the hell, lets see how it feels.
1 minute walking....2 minutes walking......3 minutes running.....not bad!

2.5 miles later and im still feeling "great" as I plug along. so I did my 1 hour run, did a couple curls, and went in for the weigh.

258 pounds!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!!? WTF mate, whats going on here!

Better do that one again.

251 pounds.....ok thats nice.......3rd times the charm

254 pounds OK SERIOUSLY!

enough of this scale, im going to get one for my place and just weigh myself there.

So I went to the mall, and the first door I go the door to the food court!!


Walking through with my head down, not making eye contact with the burgers, I looked up.....into a turkey dinner?
I dont know if this was good for me or not, but I got some turkey corn and rice. Delicious.

Anyways that was a bit offtopic, back to the story.

got a nice scale at zellers, got home hooked that badboy up, cranked the peddles to allow for the big weight, closed my eyes and hoped for less than 257.

Weight 247 lbs. <----I like this reading much better (tried it 3 times)

so I guess the previous weigh ins dont really work so we will start that as the baseline.

Erin Wyatt, Chris Stipdonk, and Amy Mcdonald (among others) thank you for your encouragement and suggestions, and im glad I am seeing the other side of the hump, I have more energy, and its 95% my mind, but my pants might have been a bit looser this evening.

thanks everyone for continuing to read on, and if you have any comments or tips, you can allways reach me on my facebook.

Have a good one