May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011
And so it begins............

Friday, May 20, 2011

Chapter 5.5

Hey guys wow its been a long time since we talked! Forgot one thing I wanted to add to here.

Keriann Loutit is doing something awesome that I wanted to share on here, just to spread the msg, im pretty sure any donations would be appreciated, and if you have any questions im sure she will gladly do her best to answer them over facebook. If you dont have her on facebook. send me a msg, and I will pass it along to her for you.

Hi all!

On June 4th I will be participating in Calgary's annual "Underwear Affair". This event is a run to raise awareness and funds for cancers below the waist. My goal is to raise at least $300 dollars for this event. Any donations you can make would greatly be appreciated. I have included the link to my personal pag below. There is a a green button "donate now" at the top left corner. Please share this link if you think of anyone else that I may have missed that would like to make a donation. Thank you!!

Welcome to my Underwear Affair Personal Page! As you can see, I’ve joined Alberta Cancer Foundation’s Underwear Affair® - a 10K run / 5K walk to uncover cures for cancers below the waist. It’s not only fun, but it fights prostate, colon, testicular, and ovarian cancer, among others. I’ll be just one
awesome cause and they need every penny you can spare. Well Done KA you rock!

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