May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011
And so it begins............

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chapter 6

chapter 6

Well this whole thing is over, got a couple bags of chips and a flat of pop. Was fun guys.

Ok ok restart your hearts, im still running strong. Had a nice weekend off and went to Edmonton. Visited some people and now i'm back.
Its hella hard to go a long weekend of doing nothing and then jump back into it, but after 5 minutes I was feeling fine.
So fine that I did 6 miles today. that seems like a lot to a chubby wubby like myself so i'm gonna go ahead and pat myself on the back.
On the plus side my roommate seems to have caught my fever and is running right along side me. So i'm glad I can be responsible for another person running like the wind.

so here's the facts jack.

weight: 240lbs.

Thanks to Laurie Ozmun for bring kind words back from Africa, I appreciate that, and again thanks to everyone for the kind words and wishes.

I'll keep running if you keep posting.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Chapter 5.5

Hey guys wow its been a long time since we talked! Forgot one thing I wanted to add to here.

Keriann Loutit is doing something awesome that I wanted to share on here, just to spread the msg, im pretty sure any donations would be appreciated, and if you have any questions im sure she will gladly do her best to answer them over facebook. If you dont have her on facebook. send me a msg, and I will pass it along to her for you.

Hi all!

On June 4th I will be participating in Calgary's annual "Underwear Affair". This event is a run to raise awareness and funds for cancers below the waist. My goal is to raise at least $300 dollars for this event. Any donations you can make would greatly be appreciated. I have included the link to my personal pag below. There is a a green button "donate now" at the top left corner. Please share this link if you think of anyone else that I may have missed that would like to make a donation. Thank you!!

Welcome to my Underwear Affair Personal Page! As you can see, I’ve joined Alberta Cancer Foundation’s Underwear Affair® - a 10K run / 5K walk to uncover cures for cancers below the waist. It’s not only fun, but it fights prostate, colon, testicular, and ovarian cancer, among others. I’ll be just one
awesome cause and they need every penny you can spare. Well Done KA you rock!

Chapter 5

what a rush!

no kinks, no problem. trying some multi-vitamins, and get on that treadmill.

50 minutes later, no problem, 3 miles 400 calories, and a damn good feeling.

I cant notice anything physically different, but what a difference a week makes, I have so much energy, I feel like I could go forever. I suggest everyone in the entire world do this.

not sure what im gonna do with myself this long weekend. Might take a run around campus since the gym is closed. Might even head up to Edmonton to visit Angus Taylor for the weekend.

Its funny that I really didn't feel like going to the gym today, really just wanted a day to rest, but forced myself to go and am I ever glad. I would have stayed for hours if I thought my body could physically handle it.

It occurs to me now that this blog has been about me, and what I'm doing.

....but what are you guys doing. I'm not along here, I'm sure some of you are achieving your own goals and I would love to hear about them. If you have a story you want to share please send me an email or a facebook msg, or just comment here and ill post it.

I love hearing how other people are doing.

so here are the facts jacks:

Weight: 242.0lbs
waist : 38"

I really don't know why I am putting down waist it seems a bit silly so I may just leave that out until it changes. I think I have a pair of 36's at home somewhere.

Once again, I would like to thank Wayne Schaub, Chris Stipdonk. and from all the way down unda..... Moister Doave Doave.

Loving the support and the tips, and would love to hear you all. and don't be too alarmed but its almost picture time, so you may be looking at mah chunky belly for another week.(sadly the 6 pack isn't forming ;))

well that is all for me for this Friday, now time to sit in my dorm and contimplate very serious matters of import.

(do I watch Harry Potter.....or Teenage Mutant Ninjas Turtles?) GOOD GOD THIS IS TOUGH STUFF!

Love you all and keep it real, on the down low, on the high up, and wherever else you might place it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chapter 4 4, woke up sat up in my bed, went to stand up and,

The kinks are starting to meet up with me and I thought today was going to be the day that I had to take a break. BUMMER!

So I hobbled around during school stretching as much as I could, praying for the pain to go away.
But do I really want to take a day off? Maybe ill just do some upper body today. Take it light.
Got to the gym, looked at that treadmill and thought....what the hell, lets see how it feels.
1 minute walking....2 minutes walking......3 minutes running.....not bad!

2.5 miles later and im still feeling "great" as I plug along. so I did my 1 hour run, did a couple curls, and went in for the weigh.

258 pounds!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!!? WTF mate, whats going on here!

Better do that one again.

251 pounds.....ok thats nice.......3rd times the charm

254 pounds OK SERIOUSLY!

enough of this scale, im going to get one for my place and just weigh myself there.

So I went to the mall, and the first door I go the door to the food court!!


Walking through with my head down, not making eye contact with the burgers, I looked up.....into a turkey dinner?
I dont know if this was good for me or not, but I got some turkey corn and rice. Delicious.

Anyways that was a bit offtopic, back to the story.

got a nice scale at zellers, got home hooked that badboy up, cranked the peddles to allow for the big weight, closed my eyes and hoped for less than 257.

Weight 247 lbs. <----I like this reading much better (tried it 3 times)

so I guess the previous weigh ins dont really work so we will start that as the baseline.

Erin Wyatt, Chris Stipdonk, and Amy Mcdonald (among others) thank you for your encouragement and suggestions, and im glad I am seeing the other side of the hump, I have more energy, and its 95% my mind, but my pants might have been a bit looser this evening.

thanks everyone for continuing to read on, and if you have any comments or tips, you can allways reach me on my facebook.

Have a good one

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chapter 3

well sorry for the late post chaps but I have had a late start on things today.

pretty happy today actually but we will get to all that later. for now lets hit the gym.

Third day is gone, and I had my first fault today, after almost an hour, with 10 minutes to spare I thought I had had enough.
that I couldn't go on another step.

strangely it was the guy running beside me ( and I mean running ) that made me keep going. I slowed the treadmill to a crawl, and he happened to notice.
He turned to me while running and said, "keep it up, you are doing great!"

I love this gym.

People are so willing to help you if they know that you are in need of it. I did the last 10 minutes and did 5 more just to make sure that I got my just dues.

so thank you mr. terry fox of the RDC gym. you just keep on running

so here's the facts jacks:

weight: 252 <-------yes that is right, 5 pounds in 3 days. dieting and exercise do officially work.
waist: 38"

once again I would like to thank Wayne Schaub for giving me some great stretches so my calves don't feel like dying, and to Dan Slatterly for some weight lifting techniques.

a shout out also to Caitlin Jaffray and Sandra Rowe, for giving me some ideas to make milk taste less like it came from a toilet.

and lastly, thanks to all you readers, for listening in and adding your feedback Without you this wouldn't be possible.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chapter 2.5

Chapter 2.5

A guy can work out all his life run a million miles a day....but if he comes home and eats nothing but chips and drinks nothing but pop.......he wont shed a pound.

That is today's lesson!

open are the cupboards, out are the chips, open the fridge, and out comes the coke, replace with milk and orange juice and you are well in your way to a healthy life.
I think maybe not drinking coke is going to be the hardest part of this whole ordeal for me, but hey, if someone can quit crack...I should be able to do this.
Did I also mention that I hate milk? if anyone knows of anything that I can put in milk that is benificial to me as well I would love to hear from you either in email or as a comment on the screen.

so game plan for the AM. Wake up, make a couple eggs, have a piece of toast( no butter ;) ) and a big ol glass of milk. might as well try this whole does a body good thing after all. Come home at 3:30-4, get changed and then its off to the gym.

WAYNE SCHAUB mentioned to me over an email earlier tonight that I really want to concentrate on cutting fat instead of building muscle, so keeping that in mind I am going to just keep running. I may do some cycling but that just doesn't seem disco enough for a cool cat like me.
either way im sure he is not going to lead me astray (the guys a machine!)

Chapter 2


Who would have thought that working out could be painful?????????????

Woke up this morning not feeling too bad,(not surprising since I apparently didn't do much yesterday) my arms were still attached to my body and who could ask for more than that?

but today was running day.....and that is a whole nother story. within 10 minutes I heard both calves scream at me to stop, begging me pleading even threatening my very lively hood!!

and yet I pressed on. after 40 minutes of alternating jogging and walking (2 minutes jogging, 1 minute walking) I had about reached my limit for the day.

but a knight in blue shirted underarmour soon noticed my peril and felt fit to give me some insight as to why I felt like falling to the floor and curling up into the fetal position....

technique! I had heard this word muttered through the ages but had never learned of its meaning.......until now!

She(yes I said it) told me that the way I ran was wrong. Who is this crazy person to tell me that I am running wrong? one foot goes up, one foot goes down, and you stay on the damn treadmill! What else is there?
Me being the nice guy that I am I decided to humor the obviously delusional girl and let her show me what she meant. apparently by placing your foot down at a certain angle you reduce the impact to your muscles, causing a much more...."enjoyable" experience.

Well I had to p[prove her wrong! "I will do your silly little angle foot run madam, but don't expect mercy from me when it fails!"

But by god it worked. after 20 more minutes of running I felt as if I hadn't run at all. technique is one of those amazing things that really do make a job easier!

so thank you mysterious super hero who came to the gym with the sole purpose of having me succeed in my goals!

Here's the stats jacks

Weight: 256lbs. ---> Wanting to point out that I was told the scale in the fitness centre doesnt allways work that great so these may be a bit looser than I expected!
Waist: 38"
titties:.............still there :(

I would also like to thank a ton of you guys who are really giving me the motivation I need to keep going. All of you who read this blog are a big part in why I continue to torture myself, so keep up the support and I wont let you down.

I would also like to throw a big thank you to a few people who have shared with me insight as to their regiments and ways that they stay in shape.

so, Alex Cambell
    Dan Slatterly
    Wayne Schaub

Thank you. its easy to gain weight on your own...but losing it takes support, and I seem to have a lot of that.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Chapter 1

Good evening ladies and gentleman boys and girls and welcome to Michael is a fatty.....THE BLOG!

Sometimes it is a doctors note, sometimes it is a loved one pushing you or sometimes a smoking hot blond looks at you screams and runs in the other direction.

Well it was'nt quite that bad but you get the picture. But hey Michael don't hate, Michael appreciate(s). after a certain comment made on the staircase at school about how I didn't let the dogs out, I ate them,
I did what every mans man would do. I ran to the bathroom and cried my eyes out!

But while in there I looked into the mirror and stifled a scream, at 257 pounds I ain't no Brad Pitt, in fact I'm more likely to get a lead roll in the blob movie.


For the next 6 weeks I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that I can come home in my skinny jeans and do a fancy twirl. (my skinny jeans may or may not be a size 36)
I know it isn't going to be easy, losing weight sounds easy in the head or even on paper but how easy is it to get off the couch and jump onto the treadmill? Today I found out that it is not that hard.
I went to the mall, found myself a cutsie little outfit to wear, (that showed everyone every corner of my girth!) I got some fancy new shoes and of course I had to buy an 80's headband. So here I am in my room all
dressed up, looking fly for a white what?

where is the gym?
how much does it cost?
when is it open?

uh-oh....I didn't think this through.....

But wait! EUREKA! How many colleges don't have gyms?
so I trundled on down to my handy dandy gym, flashed my handy dandy student ID, and swaggered myself up 2 flights of stairs to the gym( let the record show that the 2 flights of stairs were almost enough for one day)

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be as soon as I got there, I didn't feel like anyone was judging me, and I was just free to do what I wanted to.

thanks to a link from a fellow blogger (alexupnorth) I found a website that gives out a ton of useful information on starter programs to get into the swing of things.

apparently I need the starter to the starters guide though. It was pretty rough

focusing mainly on arms today, and I can say that even though it is maybe some excess adrenaline, I do feel good about myself. more for the fact that I started doing it instead of talking about doing it

so here is the facts jack:

Weight:257 pounds
waist: 38"

I'm gonna be going to the gym working on a different aspect of my body every day ( minus weekends since the gym is closed).

and record the changes that I have noticed.

so come along for the ride, watch me succeed, or heaven forbid watch me fail in what I can only call the David v. Goliath fight of the century: my weight lose!