May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011
And so it begins............

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chapter 3

well sorry for the late post chaps but I have had a late start on things today.

pretty happy today actually but we will get to all that later. for now lets hit the gym.

Third day is gone, and I had my first fault today, after almost an hour, with 10 minutes to spare I thought I had had enough.
that I couldn't go on another step.

strangely it was the guy running beside me ( and I mean running ) that made me keep going. I slowed the treadmill to a crawl, and he happened to notice.
He turned to me while running and said, "keep it up, you are doing great!"

I love this gym.

People are so willing to help you if they know that you are in need of it. I did the last 10 minutes and did 5 more just to make sure that I got my just dues.

so thank you mr. terry fox of the RDC gym. you just keep on running

so here's the facts jacks:

weight: 252 <-------yes that is right, 5 pounds in 3 days. dieting and exercise do officially work.
waist: 38"

once again I would like to thank Wayne Schaub for giving me some great stretches so my calves don't feel like dying, and to Dan Slatterly for some weight lifting techniques.

a shout out also to Caitlin Jaffray and Sandra Rowe, for giving me some ideas to make milk taste less like it came from a toilet.

and lastly, thanks to all you readers, for listening in and adding your feedback Without you this wouldn't be possible.

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  1. If you hit the scale every day you're just going to be confused or mad or both and likely become discouraged. Once a week is sufficient to track progress, but try and keep the conditions the same. Example... clothing weighs enough that having different ones on can make a difference... also, the obvious... what goes in stays there until it comes out...